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BICS accelerates 5G Standalone readiness with test environment

by BICS | June 25, 2021

BICS accelerates 5G Standalone readiness with test environment
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5G SA Lab enables MNOs and enterprises to prepare for next-gen services deployment of international roaming and data services

The 5G Lab is the latest in a series of initiatives by BICS to further 5G roaming, with the company supporting the world’s first Non-standalone intercontinental 5G roaming service in 2019, and adding borderless 5G connectivity to its SIM for Things solution earlier this year. This most recent development focuses on the deployment of 5G Standalone, independently of the 4G core network.

As 5G evolves and new use cases, such as fully autonomous vehicles, smart cities and smart factories emerge, testing will be critical to optimize connectivity requirements, support deployment strategies, and enable MNOs and enterprises to quickly realize ROI. BICS’ 5G Lab has been designed to advance these next generation services, providing the fundamental technology and environment in which business readiness can be tested. In addition, with demand for 5G SA roaming set to increase as travel resumes and enterprise supply chains become increasingly connected, the 5G Lab will help carriers and businesses to troubleshoot issues and advance 5G roaming strategies.


Mikaël Schachne, CMO and VP Mobility & IoT, BICS says: “With 50% of all data roaming traffic carried over BICS’ network, we are leveraging our roaming expertise to create a test bed for MNOs and enterprises to trial 5G SA services. Our 20-year experience at the heart of the communications ecosystem allows us to play a key role in the seamless transition to a brand new 5G Standalone roaming environment. Through the BICS 5G Lab, we aim to advance businesses’ 5G strategies by providing meaningful insights into applications and services, enabling them to optimize their offerings and ensure they deliver the best possible connected experiences on launch.”