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BICS named Champion Roaming Vendor by Kaleido Intelligence

by BICS | October 13, 2023

BICS named Champion Roaming Vendor by Kaleido Intelligence
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Roaming Vendor Hub lists BICS as #1 vendor for Sponsored Roaming Services and Analytics & VAS, and a Champion Vendor in Fraud Management and Roaming Hubs 

Kaleido Intelligence, a leading roaming market research and consulting firm, has named BICS “Champion Vendor” in four categories of its latest Roaming Vendor Hub research, including the number one vendor in Sponsored Roaming Services and Analytics & VAS (value-added services). 

The Roaming Vendor Hub: Competitive Analysis 2023 research analyzed 51 established roaming vendors and wholesale providers, including an in-depth evaluation of the service offerings and “Kaleido Scores” for all companies.  

The research assesses vendors and service providers across eight different product categories. It involves four months’ worth of primary and secondary research, including product demos, questionnaires, and detailed interviews and briefings to collect relevant information.  

Kaleido named BICS Champion Vendor in the following categories: 

  • Analytics & VAS  
  • Sponsored Roaming Services 
  • Fraud Management 
  • Roaming Hubs 

The assessment is “based on product excellence, recognizing each company’s distinct market positioning, problem-solving skills, innovative prowess, and their ability to align with current market needs and future demands.”  

Mikael Schachne, VP Telco at BICS says,

“BICS is very proud to be recognized by Kaleido as the number one vendor for Roaming Analytics & VAS for the third year in a row, and this year to be the number one vendor for Sponsored Roaming, as well as a Champion of Roaming Hubs, IPX, and Roaming Fraud Management. We are extremely happy with the acknowledgement, reflecting our continuous commitment to providing a highly comprehensive offering of roaming services as we remain devoted to strengthening global connectivity and delivering value to our customers.”

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