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BICS named number 1 vendor for Analytics & VAS and Roaming Hub

by BICS | November 15, 2021

BICS named number 1 vendor for Analytics & VAS and Roaming Hub
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Latest Kaleido Intelligence report awards BICS for leading product range and the highest quality of service to enable operator success

International communications enabler BICS has been named by Kaleido Intelligence as the top vendor in the Roaming Hub and Analytics VAS (value added service) markets, as well as a Roaming Champion in several other roaming services categories.

The results, from the Roaming Vendor Hub – H2 2021, are part of the latest market research by Kaleido Intelligence, a leading roaming market intelligence and consulting firm. The twice-yearly Roaming Vendor Hub provides up-to-date rankings and scores for mobile roaming vendors across seven different product categories.

In addition to BICS achieving the number one vendor spot for its suite of roaming solutions and advanced analytics offering, the Roaming Vendor Hub also awarded the company Roaming Champion status for its Sponsored Roaming, Fraud Management and Security, and IPX services.

The research is the result of more than four months’ worth of research by Kaleido Intelligence, including product demos, questionnaires, and detailed interviews and briefings. The research covers 38 roaming vendors and wholesale providers and includes assessment of the service offerings and updated Kaleido scores for all companies. Organizations are categorized and ranked based on product leadership, unique market positioning, problem-solving capabilities, innovation leadership, and how well positioned they are to meet MNO/MVNO needs.

“We continually invest and evolve our solutions to deliver high-quality mobile experiences to subscribers, while safeguarding consumers and operators through our advanced fraud prevention solutions. We’re also able to provide everything operators need to maintain a robust roaming proposition, including management, control, and monetization of roaming assets, all supported by industry leading business intelligence tools. It’s great, therefore, to have BICS’ market standing and our complete portfolio of solutions recognized by Kaleido,”, said Mikaël Schachne, VP Mobility and IoT Business and CMO.

BICS offers immediate access to more than 800 mobile networks worldwide from 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and NB-IoT for consumers and IoT applications. Its roaming solution serves more than 220 mobile operators and 1.2 billion consumers and IoT devices around the world.