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BICS wins 2023 Glotel for “Connecting the Unconnected”

by BICS | December 6, 2023

BICS wins 2023 Glotel for “Connecting the Unconnected”
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BICS is proud to announce it has been named a winner of the 2023 Global Telecoms Awards (Glotels) for the “Connecting the Unconnected” category.  

The Glotel Awards are organized by industry publication and recognize innovation and excellence from any company advancing and transforming today’s telecoms industry globally. Entries were voted on by the Glotel Awards panel of independent judges, with the winners announced at an event in London on November 30th. 

BICS has won the award for its numerous partnerships to address the digital divide. Closing the digital divide is a complex challenge which cannot be pinned down to one particular group of people in one place. This is why BICS’ strategy to address the divide is so varied, spanning: 

  • Satellite connectivity 
  • VoLTE and post-sunset roaming interoperability 
  • Levelling up affordable mobile and digital services 
  • Enhancing critical communications for remote and vulnerable communities  

These projects were all built around partnerships, aiming to make meaningful improvements to digital communications that will significantly benefit the standard of living for remote and vulnerable regions worldwide.  

Mikael Schachne, VP Telco at BICS said: “It’s a great honor to be recognized for this award, especially in a key category like ‘connecting the unconnected’. Closing the digital divide is something that continues to drive our work at BICS, and so to be recognized in this field by independent judges from across the industry is a great achievement. But, whilst the recognition is nice, ultimately the work is more important. We’re grateful for publications like for highlighting and raising awareness, and we will continue to work hard next year to continue to close the connectivity gap around the world.”