Is your connectivity into the cloud letting you down?

by BICS | December 18, 2020

Is your connectivity into the cloud letting you down?
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Communicate and collaborate through a simple global solution

Cloud communications are more important than ever in a connected world. Leading cloud service providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle, and Azure have seen increased year-on-year growth by 29% and 48% respectively.

It is no surprise that businesses see the appeal of growing at scale through cloud communications. A cloud platform or application offers opportunities and advantages that perfectly suits the needs of global businesses: it is agile, cost-effective to deploy, and secure.

Having a good cloud platform is only half the story

With a staggering 94% of workstreams predicted to be processed via a cloud platform in 2021, a world of possibilities is opening up. Operations are becoming more streamlined, collaboration is enhanced, and companies can get closer than ever to the customer, especially in sectors such as conferencing, unified communications and customer services.

Yet, setting up a cloud platform is only part of the story. To deliver on the full potential of cloud communications, the platform needs to be underpinned by the right infrastructure in the form of better connectivity.

Cloud communications need a new network infrastructure strategy

With its promise of ultra-high quality of service, cost-effectiveness and flexibility, the cloud will enhance practically every industry, from banking to customer service. However, because many low latency use cases are not possible without an ultra-high performance connection to the cloud, the two must not only co-exist but co-evolve – and this requires a change to how users and the cloud platform or application connect to each other.

Best-effort public internet is simply not fit for purpose to deliver on the full potential of the cloud: think of it like driving a high-performance sports car on a small, narrow street choked with traffic. The connection to the cloud must deliver the highest security between cloud and premise, consistent quality of service, and lowest latency. Only then can the cloud platform deliver on its promise.

However, this connection must not come with a hefty infrastructure bill. Are there any cost-effective, simple solutions to ensure businesses can get the right connection to their cloud environments?

A single, simple solution that businesses can integrate with

The answer is BICS Cloud Connect.

BICS Cloud Connect is a holistic, agile solution that connects businesses to the cloud on a private connection segregated from the public internet, transporting business-critical data reliably and securely. The solution’s dedicated connection moves you away from ‘best-effort’ public internet, ensuring consistent and reliable network performance that is fit for purpose even for mission-critical low-latency applications like video conferencing and gaming. Flexible pricing and rollout models mean businesses can scale as they grow, avoiding high fixed costs and the hassle associated with setting up their own telecom infrastructure. All underpinned by follow-the-sun customer support and expertise.

The BICS Cloud Connect solution offers businesses greater flexibility when it comes to choosing options for keeping their traffic secure along the digital highway.


Providing access to more than 15 cloud service providers and with more than 140 points of presence worldwide, the BICS Cloud Connect solution is designed to help businesses – via a broad network of onboarding partners – consolidate their communications into a simple, easy-to-use platform that delivers next-generation cloud infrastructure for faster and more reliable connectivity on a global scale.

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