Lighting the way for a new world of communications: 3 key themes at MWC Barcelona 2023

by BICS | February 6, 2023

Lighting the way for a new world of communications: 3 key themes at MWC Barcelona 2023
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Every February, thousands of industry experts flock to Barcelona to immerse themselves in the future of mobile technology, network with peers, and showcase their latest solutions. It’s the place for the telecom’s industry to see and be seen, with more than 75,000 companies expected. With so many events, themes, and speakers dividing your attention, we thought we’d break down for you our key themes of MWC Barcelona this year.

Harmonizing the customer journey with seamless communications and collaboration

This is the era of orchestrated, multi-channel communications, as companies in every vertical seek to provide customers with an outstanding digital experience. BICS is focusing on enabling companies to become customer-centric while optimizing operations and keeping complexity down.

  • Orchestrated customer communications. Globally
    The emerging CPaaS technology is built to provide value at every stage of your customer journey from customer attraction and engagement to securing transactions and enhancing customer support. Whatever the industry, CPaaS is the technology companies need to provide personalized customer experiences, increase satisfaction, and improve customer loyalty with timely and targeted communications.
  • Unified communications and collaborations for hybrid and remote working
    Provide your users with a unified collaboration environment, wherever they are in the world. Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams is a fully managed solution for companies looking to easily integrate voice into their Teams set up and simplify communications and collaboration in a modern hybrid multi-country organization.
  • Fully-managed global hosting telephony solutions
    If you’re providing telephony services, regulatory changes are both common and challenging. For example, a new numbering plan came into effect in France this January. To help you navigate regulatory updates in any market, we’ve launched BICS Global Hosting solution. Continue doing business in whichever country you need to, with minimal disruption.

Breaking down barriers to enterprise IoT

This year’s hot IoT topics will include digital twins and eSIM capabilities.

Digital twins have been taking the world by storm, and the IoT industry is no exception. By virtually cloning the SIM or eSIM, digital twins unlock deep insights leading to smarter decisions and faster troubleshooting. It’s small wonder that enterprises are adopting them to plan, optimize, and troubleshoot deployments.

Meanwhile, eSIM technology is becoming the go-to method of embedding connectivity into a device, whether for consumers or M2M. Highly secure, cost-effective, and versatile, they make IoT rollout significantly easier.

The stage is set for 5G acceleration

The momentum surrounding 5G shows no sign of slowing, and we’re proud to be at the heart of it.

In 2022 we launched the world’s first and only live 5G Standalone (SA) roaming connection between Europe and the Middle East. This connection, between mobile operator Proximus and digital solutions and telecommunications leader stc Kuwait, was the first to be successfully established in a non-lab setting.


Another hotly-discussed topic is the deployment of private 5G networks, but are they worth the hype?

If your enterprise is running on one or more secure private networks, then you’ll know how necessary it is to be able to allow secure connectivity when your employees or devices travel outside of its boundaries. At BICS we enable seamless roaming between networks, without compromising on the quality of the connectivity, anywhere in the world.

A panel on this topic will explore the challenges faced by mobile operators, hyperscalers, and vendors, and share expert insights on how to unlock the real value of private 5G networks.


Come and talk to us about how emerging technologies can transform your business.

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