Case study

Cloud telephony for Kaisa, formerly known as Freespee

Kaisa (formerly Freespee) is a global SaaS company specializing in Customer Experience solutions. Their expertise lies in developing innovative solutions that empower manufacturers and marketplaces to harness data from customer journeys across all communication channels. By simplifying the creation of personalized, automated customer experiences, the technology help businesses engage with their audiences.

Cloud telephony for Kaisa, formerly known as Freespee

In a nutshell

  • Global SaaS company

  • Automotive and real estate

  • Europe

BICS solution
  • SIP Trunking

  • APIs for number automation

  • Unified platform

  • Streamlined operations

  • Increased sales conversions

  • Reduced operational costs


As Kaisa sought to expand its operations globally, it faced the challenge of establishing a local presence in each market. Previously relying on multiple local and global providers, Kaisa saw the benefits of a unified communication solution to manage high number volumes across multiple countries. They needed expert insights for entering new markets and a system that could integrate seamlessly with their existing CRM and digital platforms.


BICS stepped in as a key provider to offer SIP Trunking services, enabling inbound and outbound voice communications with call forwarding capabilities and comprehensive global coverage. Our solution includes a robust API-driven platform for number automation, which allows Kaisa to manage numbers efficiently, ordering new ones and decommissioning unused numbers to avoid wasted resources. This system not only streamlined their operations but also provided the scalability necessary to handle their high-volume requirements.



Operational efficiency

Consolidation of communications infrastructure has streamlined Kaisa’s operations, reducing complexity and operational costs.


Market agility

Enhanced ability to enter new markets quickly with reliable communication setups that scale with growth.


Cost reduction

Substantial reduction in operational expenses through more efficient management of communication resources.


Strategic growth

Supported Kaisa’s global expansion and reinforced their market leadership in providing premium customer engagement solutions.

Partnering with BICS allows us to more easily scale communications and touchpoints to our expanding customers across Europe and the world

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