Case study

Connectivity for German Bionic intelligent exoskeletons

German Bionic is a developer and manufacturer of smart power suits. They provide wearable tools and ergonomic data insights for the workplace to reduce the risk of injury and maximize productivity.

Connectivity for German Bionic intelligent exoskeletons

In a nutshell

  • Equipment manufacturer

  • Smart power suits

  • Germany

BICS solution
  • SIM-for-Things (SFT)

  • Connectivity Management Platform (CMP)

  • Customizable APIs

  • Improved efficiency and throughput

  • Optimized processes and goods handling

  • Enhanced workplace sustainability


German Bionic faced the challenge of ensuring global connectivity that guarantees performance in diverse indoor and outdoor operating environments for their intelligent exoskeletons. They also needed seamless integration of these power suits with smart factory systems to facilitate continuous communication. Additionally, the company required autonomous device management capabilities for predictive maintenance and troubleshooting of the smart suits, crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and minimizing downtime in industrial settings.


BICS provided German Bionic with uninterrupted global connectivity spanning 700 networks across more than 200 countries through their Sim for Things cellular connectivity solution. This ensured reliable application of the exoskeletons in any environment. IoT-enabled performance optimization was achieved by leveraging built-in sensors and intelligent machine learning capabilities, enhancing operational insights and efficiency. Furthermore, a flexible platform equipped with APIs facilitated easy provisioning, operation, and seamless integration with existing back-end IT, smart factory, and Industry 4.0 management systems in the cloud, ensuring streamlined operations and proactive maintenance strategies.



Human-machine synergy

Enhanced efficiency and throughput for exoskeletons by combining human intelligence with machine power through embedded sensors and connectivity.


Optimized operations

Improved processes and goods handling within the organization by integrating with other machines and software, supported by continuous data collection and analytics.


Workplace sustainability

Promoted sustainable workplaces with increased productivity, improved morale, and enhanced quality of life for workers using smart suits.

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