Case study

Flexible and secure global connectivity for electronic components

Our client, a global technology distributor, supports makers and manufacturers across the product lifecycle with turnkey IoT solutions. They ensure flexible, secure global connectivity for connected devices and sought a partner for both connectivity and platform solutions. They aimed for a flexible reseller module empowering customers to manage their connected businesses, and to securely send IoT device data to the public cloud affordably and at scale.

Flexible and secure global connectivity for electronic components

In a nutshell

  • Global technology distributor and solutions provider

  • Electronic components and services

  • USA

BICS solution
  • Fully embedded cloud connectivity solution

  • SaaS platform

  • Digital twin models

  • Advanced monitoring and analytics

  • Complete visibility and control

  • Plug-and-play connectivity

  • High ROI through reseller opportunities


The client needed ubiquitous worldwide coverage to ensure reliable connectivity that could be managed and resold through an online, self-service portal. They required optimized connectivity and IoT deployments integrated with cloud capabilities via AWS to create new revenue streams, diversify offerings, and scale seamlessly and securely. Furthermore, they aimed to strengthen customer relationships by offering fit-for-purpose solutions, providing their customers with control over their connected businesses.


BICS delivered a fully embedded solution combining cloud connectivity, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, and a flexible, customizable module for reselling the platform and connectivity. Responsive support from integration and customer success experts ensured tailored solutions according to the client’s business needs. The implementation of digital twin models and advanced monitoring and analytics provided real-time insights, helping enterprises de-risk, validate, and succeed in their IoT investments.

Connectivity Twin: bridges devices and connectivity with your application in the cloud



Complete visibility and control

Full oversight of connected businesses with integrated data storage, analysis, and reporting.


Plug-and-play connectivity

Easy integration and management of devices, applications, and connections via a centralized portal or APIs.


High ROI

Monetized and expanded IoT deployments with high-quality, multi-network coverage.

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