Case study

Case study | Smart connectivity for electric vehicle charging

Our client, a leading provider of smart home charging technology for electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK, focuses on affordable and user-friendly solutions that integrate seamlessly with all energy tariffs. Their goal is to enable EV drivers to charge conveniently and cost-effectively, accelerating the transition to cleaner energy solutions.

Case study | Smart connectivity for electric vehicle charging

In a nutshell

  • Home EV charging technology provider

  • Electric vehicle charging

  • UK

BICS solution
  • eSIM technology

  • Multi-network coverage

  • Self-service portal integration

  • Cloud connectivity with AWS

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Increased SIM and eSIM uptake

  • Market expansion in the UK and globally


The client required cloud connectivity to ensure uninterrupted charging, allowing drivers to charge at the most convenient and cost-effective times. They needed greater control over SIMs and eSIMs to manage activations, provisioning, suspensions, profile changes, and monitoring of activity and usage. Additionally, they sought multi-network coverage for robust connectivity across various local mobile network operators.


BICS provided access to deep technical expertise to enhance functionality and ensure optimal performance, leveraging live data for charging during low-demand energy periods. eSIM technology offered flexible connectivity deployment, reducing dependency on single providers and mitigating risks associated with outages, price fluctuations, or coverage changes. An easy-to-use self-service portal integrated with the client’s existing platform through APIs enabled seamless SIM management in real-time.



Market expansion

The client received full support for market expansion starting in the UK and extending globally into other developed EV markets.


Scaling SIM and eSIM uptake

Yearly increases in SIM and eSIM adoption rates were achieved, complemented by Device Lab services to optimize device usage through testing.


Enhanced customer experience

Improved reliability was achieved with comprehensive network coverage, coupled with cost savings from using live data to charge during off-peak periods, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

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