It’s time to transform your IoT business with eSIM

Don’t let physical SIM cards slow your growth: with eSIM, cut costs and scale around the world

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Why switch to eSIM for IoT?

Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Cards (eUICC), aka eSIM, are rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. Their practicality and flexibility makes them attractive for a variety of IoT use cases, particularly for devices deployed in remote and diverse environments. Consider eSIMs if you need to:
  • customer-journey

    Enhance product offering by providing smart products connected globally

  • reduced-cost-euro

    Lower manufacturing and global deployment costs

  • implementation

    Implement zero-touch maintenance and updates


are the typical savings OEMs see when they implement eSIM

Transforma Insights


growth for IoT connections using eSIM technology by 2026

Juniper Research


expected growth in industrial products that are eSIM-enabled by 2024

ABI Research


of all eSIMs will be attributed to the IoT sector globally by 2026

Juniper Research

Enable simple out of the box connectivity for your global deployments

Our eSIMs are embedded within your devices from the factory with a global eSIM bootstrap profile. That means your customers can use their appliances as soon as they turn them on, anywhere in the world, without manual setup.




Winner of mobile IoT product of the year

Winner of mobile IoT product of the year

Mobile Ecosystem Forum awarded our IoT eSIM a prestigious MEFFYS for creating the most innovative and impactful mobile IoT product. Our solution enables the provisioning of eSIMs inside Thales Cinterion modules to encourage broader adoption of eSIM technology.

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