Manufacture and sell your connected devices globally

Embed connectivity into hardware in the factory so your devices can be connected instantly, wherever in the world they are used.

Global eSIM connectivity you can rely on

Complete flexibility for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the build, test, deployment, and monitoring stages of manufacturing. 

  • Simplify global operations and seamlessly deploy your connected devices in more than 200 markets
  • Automate connectivity throughout the device lifecycle with zero-touch provisioning
  • Monetize your connectivity and create new revenues

It’s a complex ecosystem. So we made connectivity simple.

Our global IoT solution ensures that devices stay connected throughout their lifecycles. So you can focus on product innovation.

Truly global connectivity

Provide your devices with ubiquitous multi-network coverage (2G/ 3G/ 4G/ 5G/ NB-IoT/ LTE-M) in more than 200 countries with just one single global SIM and partner.


eSIMs and SIM subscription

Optimal for massive deployments that require commercial and technical flexibility.

Global bootstrap and operational profiles

Instantly connect to the local network anywhere in the world, and reprogram your SIMs as needed.

Streamlined management

Efficiently provision, deprovision, manage, update, and diagnose device connectivity in bulk or individually via our online self-service portal.

Automate connectivity throughout your device lifecycle

Simplify the device lifecycle management through zero-touch provisioning. Get connectivity costs down by eliminating the need for manual intervention.


Step 1

Device manufacturing with embedded SIM 

Step 2

Activate SIM cards (auto switch to active-test state) 


Step 3

Perform tests

Step 4

Ship/ store/ sell the device (auto switch to active-inventory state)  


Step 5

End customer uses the device (auto switch to active state) 

Global SIM traveling roaming

Integrate via API

Minimize time-to-market with a fully customizable API integration based on our extensive API library. Integrate API-enabled connectivity management into your device and add any new functionality you need as you grow.

With more than 200 APIs to enable you to deploy, manage and monetize connected services on a global scale, we enable fast customization to support any use case.

Create new revenue streams and monetization opportunities

Tap into new markets and reach new customers with integrated global connectivity suited to any use case. We can help you develop new products, solutions, and services that will help you target any vertical.

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Explore our coverage

Ensure high data speeds with a fully owned network, backed by 700+ commercial operator relationships worldwide. Maintain a consistent quality of service with multi-network coverage supporting 2G to 5G, NB-IoT, and LTE-M technologies.

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