Keeping travelers connected everywhere

Offer your subscribers a world-class roaming experience at the right price.

Global SIM traveling IoT

The ultimate end-to-end solution for travel SIMs 

By 2030, 1.8 billion people will travel internationally every year, needing to stay in touch wherever they go. To keep them connected, you need a SIM that can deliver:

  • Access to 200+ networks worldwide to keep your customers connected at any time, on any device 
  • Advanced features to customize data packages and optimize customer experience  
  • Optimized rates with all MNOs in the world  

Build your custom SIM for Things solution today

Grow your business with a fully customizable global connectivity solution.

You come with your business objectives, we bring the expertise of a global roaming enabler and the functionalities you need to manage, control, and monetize thousands of SIMs, globally.

Simplified deployment

Implement BICS SIMs directly into your solution and expand your offering with new travel SIM offerings. Plug-and-play model through global SIM and eSIM.

Manage and control

Configure, activate, provision, and suspend your SIM cards in real time.

Easy configuration

Create customized bundles or offer single global pricing to suit your business model. From setting up package limit management to usage alerts, all functionalities are available via APIs.

Improve customer satisfaction

Build up a seamless user experience for your customers with custom usage notifications, high speed, and more.

Monitor and troubleshoot

Troubleshoot in real time with advanced track-and-trace capabilities and detailed reports on any network events or SIM connectivity issues.


Tap new markets. Reach new customers. Create new revenues.

Surf everywhere instantly

Plug and play modes: All your customers need to do is insert the SIM card and switch on. High-speed roaming. No manual APN settings to configure. 

Configure notifications for your subscribers and enable easy top-ups. 

Global SIM traveling roaming

Customize your offers

Manage, control, and monetize thousands of SIMs from anywhere with our APIs and an easy-to-use portal. Grow your business with best-in-class security, authentication, and usability features.

  • 200+ APIs to build up your offer: from package limit management to usage alerts
  • Easy integration with backend systems
  • Open standards, rapid development, open access
coverage IoT connectivity SIM for things BICS

The best of global and local coverage

Benefit from BICS’ fully owned global infrastructure with regional platforms for the highest quality of IoT connectivity. We carry and deliver 50% of the world’s roaming traffic reaching over 900 mobile operators.  

3G to 5G


Exchange platform

for roaming

Premium routes

to key destinations

Fully owned

MPLS and IPX network

Low latency

with regional infrastructure

Stay in control with advanced reporting tools

Optimize user experience with usage insights. Ensure optimal performance for a user base across multiple countries with visibility, insight, and control over each SIM.


Identify, investigate, and resolve issues with a light-touch model

Support your deployments with global infrastructure and 360-degree visibility of devices. Monitor real-time network performance and manage your subscribers accordingly for optimal Quality of Service.

Greater visibility of traffic with sophisticated reporting

View your entire deployment at a glance with flexible and customizable visibility.

Ensure quality of service

Build a single source of real-time information on your international deployment, including detailed transaction-level data, aggregated historical data, and cross-technology traffic analytics.

Offer an improved customer experience

Ensure your customers receive the highest quality experience by tracking the connectivity of thousands of devices around the world and proactively detecting issues in real time.

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