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Multi-channel communications for banking

Enabling programmable SMS and voice for banking and financial services.

Powered by BICS API solutions.


Accelerated by COVID-19, mobile commerce (m-commerce) has undergone rapid growth and will represent 59% of total online payment transactions by 2025. 1 As consumers make more transactions online, the convergence of mobile wallets, m-commerce, financial services, and social media requires an enhanced process to secure access to transactional user data.

A global leader in security solutions for the banking and financial sector, hereafter referred to as Amexty, provides a range of end-to-end transactional security solutions for business worldwide.

Amexty uses multi-channel Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for their enterprise customers in the financial and banking sector, to secure transactions and authenticate end-users from around the world through one-time PINs (OTP) delivered straight to their mobile phones.

The wide geographic footprint and diversity of the user base made it complex to deliver OTPs with the same reliability, latency, and service quality across all markets.

Two factor authentication for banking


A global Two Factor Authentication (2FA) solution

Amexty partnered with BICS, a communications platform company, to build a highly reliable 2FA workflow. The two use cases enabled for their enterprise customers were identity proofing – onboarding customers with verified identities anytime, anywhere – and identity authentication – authenticating users for sub-sequent logins by adapting user authentication to risk levels.

Multichannel programmable communications for 2FA

Powered by BICS Programmable APIs, a multi-channel 2FA solution is offered in more than 150 countries worldwide. A2P messaging is used as the primary channel for 2FA and in case the message isn’t delivered within 2 seconds, voice is used as a secondary channel. The A2P messaging API provides delivery notification feedback and in case of non-delivery it performs TTS (Text-To-Speech) conversion and delivers a voice call to the end-user’s phone number.

Custom and flexible solution 

BICS’ Programmable Communications APIs allow Amexty to provide its enterprise clients with the ability to customize their messages with brand names (alphanumeric sender IDs) or shortcodes. The TTS functionality is delivered through an API with the flexibility to choose the type of voice, language, speed and volume appropriate for the use case.

global Two factor authentication solution for banking


  • A2P messaging and voice in 150 countries around the world
  • Speed of SMS processing and reliable delivery, which were very important parameters for the company
  • Unmatched quality of service thanks to BICS global infrastructure and expertise

Agile partnership for continuous development

BICS offers the customer a flexible and constantly evolving solution, to cater to the expanding need for seamless multi-channel communications. Through continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment and its complete and flexible programmable software infrastructure and communications solutions, BICS was able to deliver a highly performant solution fit for a multi-channel 2FA use case in just a few weeks.

Customized solution

BICS worked together with the customer to co-create solutions for its specific use cases: first-time identification, and subsequent authentication. We delivered a completely customized solution through Programmable Communications APIs that were perfect for their needs.

2FA solution for banking and finance industry
Flowchart TTS two factor authentication
two factor authentication OTP banking

Multi-channel communications. Globally.

Extensive API library. Securely integrating SMS and voice to your website, apps, or CRM has never been easier.

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