Discover some of our use cases

Our solutions enable the digital transformation of entire industries and companies of all sizes. We empower them with the tools to create new services, connect devices and innovate how we communicate with one another. Take a look at some examples below:

BICS Agritech use case

It has been estimated that food production must increase with 70% by 2050, putting huge pressure on the agriculture industry to meet demand.

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BICS Voice Roaming Firewall with FraudGuard NRTRDE

Proactive prevention from roaming voice fraud

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BICS Fraud Prevention Solutions

The fraud management approach driven by detection – causing inherent delays – have always created opportunities for fraudsters.

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Local SMS Firewall

SMS bypass and malpractice eroding SMS revenues

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Ring4 is a well-established app that distributed more than 200,000 smart phone numbers on-demand in the US market.

Global Roaming-IoT and Virtual Numbers

Travel SIMs that connect either employees or devices that move around the world are enabling enterprises to launch and manage a connected operation on a global scale.

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Global IoT connectivity and virtual phone numbers for Medical Devices (use-case)

Connected medical devices are expected to total 40% of all IoT technology by 2020, transforming the industry by building an enhanced patient experience

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Improve efficiency and throughput with seamless connectivity for intelligent exoskeletons

Intelligent connected power suit to make heavy lifting safe and easy Introducing the intelligent power suit from German Bionic, underpinned by global BICS IoT connectivity.

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Virtual Numbers for Contact Centers

The contact center is an important customer touchpoint for any brand. It is essential that both in-house and outsourced services have reliable and unified communications channels if they are to deliver the best customer experience.

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BICS Travel SIM use case

The number of international travelers is set to reach 1.8 billion by 2025,1 and as travel statistics continue to rise, so do roaming expectations.

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